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Industrial Fan Blower Co. specialises in the development of air movement systems to suit your individual needs. Operating since 1979 we have over thirty years’ experience in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and commissioning of the centrifugal fan, and similar systems, and are proud to have gained a reputation for providing an efficient service, technical expertise and a quality of craftsmanship that is unmatched in the industry.

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

Our in-house team has the technology knowledge and practical application experience to comprehensively assess your needs and design bespoke solution for your requirements.
Our detailed centrifugal fan range of direct drive in line fans are designed to withstand high temperatures. They have motors which are located out of the air stream and a high pressure development system within the centrifugal fan systems which allow for optimum performance no matter where you choose to install them. The ideal solution for commercial and industrial premises we’re confident that out centrifugal fan systems are amongst the foremost available products on the market today.

In additional to the traditional centrifugal fan systems that we provide we’re fully equipped to provide a completely bespoke centrifugal fan solution to any premises where space comes at a premium. All you need to do is contact us with your specific requirements and measurements and our ingenious team of designers will manufacture a centrifugal fan that perfects fits any unusual space. We’re perfectly happy to work alongside architects and builders for any refurbishment or new build products should you require any of our air movement or extraction systems and need structural advice.

Industrial Fan Blower Co. fans and blowers aare used in a variety of applications throughout industry, ranging from providing air for combustion, process aeration, fermentation, drying, cooling and conveying; for extracting dust or fumes, and for handling any type of unusual gas.

Industrial Centrifugal Blowers and Fans Applications

As an illustration of the diversity of uses for our products, some applications are:


– fans for boiler plant in distilleries, breweries and food processing plant. Fans to provide air for germination and drying in maltings.
– Turbo pressure blowers to provide air for fermentation in yeast plants and side channel pressure blowers to handle carbon dioxide.
– Process fans for heating, hot air recirculation, drying, cooling and ventilation for flour mills, bakeries, cereal and chocolate production, and many other food processes.
– Turbo blowers for carbon dioxide injection for sparkling water and wine.


– Specialised process fans and pressure blowers.
– Fans for utility services.
– Clean room ventilators.


– Fans for furnaces and for cooling/tempering.
– Turbo pressure blowers for high pressure gas storage.

For more information on our centrifugal fan range of options, or to see our complete range of products, including energy efficient fans, which increase fan efficiency by fifty percent, or our testing service that ensures that your company complies with all health and safety and COSHH regulations then come visit us online at the Industrial Fan Blower company web site

Oleg Tchechel
Developer of Industrial Air Make-Up Units
Industrial Fan Blower Co.

Multistage Blowers

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